John Hall

2023-2024 Club President 

Welcome to the esteemed Traverse City Rotary Club's website. With a rich history spanning over a century, we proudly stand as one of Traverse City's most revered service organizations. Our noble mission encompasses the betterment of our community, the world at large, and the continuous self-improvement of our members. Within the realm of Rotary, local clubs serve as the vibrant heartbeat of our organization.
During our engaging weekly gatherings, our valued members relish the opportunity to reconnect with cherished friends, stay informed about community happenings, share visionary plans, and exchange transformative ideas. These gatherings serve as catalysts for our various service projects, which aim to create lasting change within our society.
By becoming a member of Rotary, you unlock a realm of personal growth and professional development. Embrace the chance to hone your skills in public speaking, project management, and event planning. As you passionately address local and global issues close to your heart and those of your fellow club members, prepare to encounter intriguing individuals from our local community and around the globe. Rest assured, the gratification that comes from knowing your time and efforts have contributed to a better world will be a source of immense fulfillment, shared by all Rotarians.
To embark on this rewarding journey, we encourage you to reach out to us at and join us for an enjoyable lunch. Come, acquaint yourself with our exceptional members, and listen to captivating tales of the diverse ways in which we strive for goodness in the world. Taking this first step with us could mark the commencement of your extraordinary expedition to build the dream community you've always envisioned.