Volume 39 - Issue 2

November 11th, 2022

Our Next Meeting - November 15th

Will be held at the Hagerty Center on Tuesday, November 15th. 
Join the Zoom Meeting HERE
Meeting ID: 995 959 5468
Passcode: 42

Meeting recap - November 1st

  • Ramona Pleva shared her Thoughts of Gratitude and Reflection: Thankful for the members and veterans who have defended the dream. She also thanked the dutiful and courageous members who donated 21 units of blood on Halloween which could mean 63 lives get saved. 
  • Jayne Mohr invited the esteemed Erich Wangeman to set the stage for the student performers from West Senior High School. They sang two great songs from Kiss Me, Kate! to promote its upcoming showings. Details below!
  • The guests of our members were introduced by Robert Hentschel.
  • Dale Chilcote led Happy Bucks with many members voicing they were Happy to be able to Vote. 
  • The 50/50 was won by George Powell who took home $70.
  • Our wonderful exchange student Saki will eventually need a host family that doesn't have any PETS due to allergies. Please contact Carla Weaver if you are up to the experience. 
  • Allison Beers made a special appearance to update everyone on where she's been and to invite members to the Sunrise Club to hear Shannon Waid speak about the Epilepsy Foundation. Allison's daughter is finally on a medication that works well for her thanks to the work of the Epilepsy Foundation. Everyone can't wait to have you back more often, Allison!
  • It's that time of the year again and we are gearing up for Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. Please sign up online or at our next couple of meetings.
  • Ice has almost broken ground at the Curling Center and we are looking for 10 Rotarians who would like to rotate and form a Rotary Curling team for the League set to start in mid-January. 
  • Our speaker, Kate Pearson from the Land Conservancy, pointed out a fantastic project to make any last charitable donations and get them matched. The Turtle Cove property is very close to being paid off and fully protected along Arbutus lake.
  • Dan Rickard reminisced about when he started helping with Christmas baskets along with Steve Wade and Dale Chilcote. They will need your help again this year to spread the goodwill and give back to our community.
  • Linda Racine led us in the 4-way test. 


Featured Item - Match your Charitable Donation by Dec 1st

The deadline is coming up for the Rotary club to take advantage of matching funds from the Rotary Endowment. 
Through the Rotary Endowment at the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, individual Rotarians may request up to $250 to match their donations to charitable organizations, dollar for dollar. 
So far this year, our club members have requested $4,875 in matching funds. With an estimated 200 members in our club, that number could be $50,000 if every single member requested $250 to match their donations to nonprofits. 
The deadline to request these funds is coming up on December 1, 2022. Please encourage fellow Rotarians to take this opportunity to leverage the philanthropic power of the Rotary Endowment! Request forms can be found here.
Please contact Steve Wade or Miriam Owsley if you have any questions. 
Meeting Responsibilities
Weekly Meeting
Gratitude & Reflection
Ruzak, Cindy
Introduce Rotarians & Guests
Long, Al
Happy Bucks
Milock, Diana
Tech Support
Noonan, John
Haskin, Steve
Blick, Ruth
Program Host
Bevan, Marlene
Board of Directors
President Elect
Immediate Past President
The Rotary Foundation
Community Service Director
Club Service Director
Fellowship Director
Youth Services Director
International Service Director
Advancement Director
Club Administrator
Advertisement for Russell Hampton
Advertisement for ClubRunner
Advertisement for ClubRunner Mobile

Social and Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Calling all Rotarians in their FIRST year, it's almost time for Christmas Baskets and we'll need your help. Please be on the lookout for a letter from Dan Rickard to take you through that process. 

  • Attend one of the showings of Kiss Me, Kate! presented by West Senior High: 

  • Our Club Board meetings are always open for members to attend. The next one will be at 5:00 pm on November 28th. We meet at the Discovery Center at 13170 S W Bay Shore Dr. 
  • Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army: Sign-up online at
    • Click on “I’m Ringing With A Group” button.
    • In “Group Code” type “Noon Rotary” and click the “Submit” button.
    • The “Available Shifts” will show up. Select your shift.
    • NOTE: In order to reserve your shift, you will need to create your account if you don’t already have one. Creating your account is easy and FREE.
    • Once you create your account, you will arrive at the “Summary of Shifts” page. Press “Continue” to finish registering for your shift.
  • In honor of the work that Wheels of Hope do to support polio survivors, sign up for their Newsletter to stay up to date on the good that they do. Go to and sign up at the bottom!

  • Exchange Student Experiences: If there is an activity listed below that you can help an exchange student to experience, please contact Carla Weaver to then coordinate with the student, their counselor, and their family. 
Noé's wishlist - France
Attend games
Attend exhibitions, concerts, musicals, cultural events
Ski, ice skate
Visit Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids
See Niagara Falls
Visit other states
Attend graduation ceremony
Attend dances, homecoming, prom
Visit Canada
See beautiful landscapes
Visit Mackinac Bridge and Island
Attend the RYE Calvin College Conference
Thanksgiving and other holidays
Have Fun!
Olivia's wishlist - Brazil
American ceremonies and events, weddings, birthday parties
Snow activities
Student arrivals and departures
Ice skate on a lake
Bike in the woods
See a (baby) bear
Make Christmas cookies
Try more cherry products
Join the Rotary lawn chair drill team
Visit Interlochen
Mackinac island
Kayaking and other lake activities
Make tomato soup
Go rock climbing
Paintball and/or airsoft
Senior activities at CHS
Saki's wishlist - Japan
Chicago, Detroit, NYC
Skiing or snowboarding
Ice fishing
Homecoming prom
American holidays
Sightseeing with friends
Make American foods (learn recipes)
Ice skating on a lake
English movie in a theater
Cherry festival (drill team!)
Track & Field
Mackinac Island
Canadaxt here
Ida's wishlist - Denmark
Attend games
Mini Golf
Tiger baseball game
Thrift store
Visit Chicago

Upcoming Meetings & Programs

Nov 22nd @ Park Place - Homeless Day Shelter Pilot
Nov 29th @ Park Place - Inbound Exchange
Dec 6th @ Country Club at 5:30 pm - Holiday Party
Dec 13th @ Park Place - Christmas Music WSHS