Posted by Phil Murphy
President Homer Nye called the Tuesday ZOOM meeting to order. Allison Beers rang the so-called bell but also led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Homer gave us a lesson in the proper use of the V for Victory sign.
Ross Childs introduced our latest new member, Janie McNabb. Say hello the first chance you get. Let her feel the great camaraderie Rotary offers – even in time of pandemic
Mark Eckhoff gave an update on behalf of Rotary Charities. Rotary Charities will enhance their match of $250 up to $500. The first $250 can be to your charity of choice. However, there is an additional $250 match for donations to the “Urgent Needs Fund.” Ask Kathy Bussell or Becky Ewing for more information.
Dan Buron from Goodwill Enterprises was our first presenter of the day. He spoke generally about Homelessness and interactions with Goodwill. The shelter is only one way in which they interact. There individuals in the Street Outreach (Unsheltered) Clients, and the Temporary Day Shelter at Safe Harbor. Combined these three met the needs last night of 181 individuals.
During the COVID -19 environment there is greater encouragement to remain sheltered as best they can. This has caused a need for some adjustments with staffing, including pay increases.
They are working with partners at Safe Harbor, Grand Traverse County, City of Traverse City, Traverse Health Clinic and the Coalition to ensure that adequate services are available to deal with COVID-19. They have testing options as needed and available and the means to quarantine/socially isolate if necessary.
Our second speaker was Ryan Hannon. He spoke about the people who have feet on the ground and are connecting with the homeless through the Street Outreach program.
Good Things learned through the current pandemic
  • Strengthened existing partnerships
  • Developed new Partnerships
  • Created a sense of urgency
  • Intentional communication
  • Humbleness and gratitude
  • Fostered meaningful conversations
Challenge: What is the balance, ethically and financially between today’s urgent needs, and the long-term viability of Goodwill as an entity?
The meeting was adjourned at 12:40