Rotarians from the five-county area have volunteered to review grant applications for decades and their expertise has shaped our region. Last fall, we shifted our grantmaking strategy, created new criteria and questions. 

We now have 2 new grant areas to be considered during the annual cycle. We continue to support community asset building and capital campaigns through our Assets for Thriving Communities grants. We've widened our scope to fund comprehensive solutions to complex community problems through our Systems Change Accelerator grants.

It's time to bring our volunteers up to speed, including those with experience and new volunteers. All volunteer reviewers for the 2019 season – including those who have volunteered in the past – must follow the requirements listed below to participate. We invite you to participate in the training and review process – your perspectives, questions and commitment to impact help us make great grant decisions!

  • Becky Ewing, Executive Director, Rotary Charities of Traverse City

What do reviewers do, exactly? 

During grant review season October-November 2019:

  1. Review & comment on grant applications that have made it through the first round of staff and board review.

  2. Participate in a 1.5 - 2-hour in-person interview with applicants and the review team.

  3. Help the review team come up with a recommendation that goes to the board for the final decision in December 2019.

What does it take to become a volunteer?

  1. Email Stacey Foster to let her know you’re interested in volunteering to review: Direct any questions to Freya Bradford: or 231.941.4010 ext. 209

  2. Attend this May’s Grant Training for applicants, or watch the taped session, available in June. 

    • Grant Training for Applicants – REGISTER HERE
      May 29th, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
      Hear exactly what we share with potential applicants. Please indicate you're registering as a Rotarian Grant Reviewer when prompted.  

  3. Required reading/watching

  1. Look out for the Rotarian Grant Reviewer Training

    • TBD date in September 2019
      Prepare for in-person grant reviews with finalists

Optional Training

Systems Thinking for Social Change

May 21st - 22nd

A two-day workshop with national experts highlighting new skills and mindsets that are at the heart of our new direction.