Dear Haider and Noon Rotary Friends, 
The Christmas Season may be behind us, the bells silenced and Red Kettles in for the season, but you remain in the forefront of our minds. We are incredibly thankful for all of you! For your time, enthusiasm bell ringing, commitment to our community and our mission!  Without your support the holiday season and resources needed to meet the needs of our neighbors who continue to struggle would look much different.
Through your generous hearts, your group raised $2,821.26 in life changing support!   
Our goal going into the Red Kettle Campaign was $180,000, with expectations that we could see a decrease of 50% in funds raised due to the pandemic. We are excited and humbled to share that through your partnership our community reached deep within and reached out with love for their neighbors – raising $281,516.25 for the Red Kettle campaign!   
The Red Kettle Matching Monday $30,000 gift challenge was not only met but raised to $41,908.28.     
We are grateful to you for teaming with us to answer the call for help to Rescue Christmas for families and children through the distribution of toys, gifts, holiday food baskets and holiday meals and allowing us to meet the increasing needs for basic and critical needs throughout 2021.  Through your goodness, the children, the homeless, the hungry, the lost and the struggling in our community will be wrapped in love, compassion and hope when they need it most.   
From The Salvation Army and those we have the privilege to serve throughout the holidays and beyond - please except our humble thanks!   
If you have any questions regarding programs, giving or volunteer opportunities or would like a tour of the Community Center, please do not hesitate to call myself or Mary at (231)946.4644.   May God bless you abundantly in 2021 with his grace and love each day!   
Lt. Matthew Winters      Mary Vollink       
364 Enjoyed a Thanksgiving Dinner Community Meal   
52 Families and their 161 family members gathered around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner 
546 Children and teens received toys and gifts and  parents dignity Christmas morning   
348 Enjoyed a Christmas Dinner Community Meal  3
08 Families and their 1261 family members gathered around the table  to celebrate Christmas Dinner 
472 Residents at area Senior Homes received  Christmas gifts 
1898 Individuals received food, gifts and hope   
So many of the gifts given throughout the holiday season &  those to be given in 2021 won’t come wrapped in packages with ribbons and bows.
Some gifts are needs - like shelter, warmth and food.  And those can be the most precious of all.   
Thank you for embracing our neighbors who are struggling with hope and love! 
 If you have questions or would like to find out more about programs, services or opportunities, call  Lieutenant Matthew Winters or Mary Vollink  at 231-946-4644.