The Shuckra Family 

(Carol & Steve) 

2490 Cambridge Dr 

(You know, the cabin at the end of the 2 track) 

Short Version 

We are writing this note to let our neighbors know our family has purchased the 80 acre Rotary  property for the purposes of saving the land from any future development and protecting the  environment. This land, along with our existing 40 acres, protects forever 120 acres of woods and  pristine wooded ridgeline above the Boardman River. Yes, this means there will never be a 55 home  development with its 55 septic systems on this land. Yes, this means, as our neighbors, you will  continue to enjoy the 120 acres for quiet activities such as walking, jogging, biking, dog walks, cross  country skiing, bird watching, etc. As with our existing 40 acres, no hunting and no motorized  vehicles will be permitted. 

We must thank Rotary Camps & Services, The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy (GTRLC), The Grand Traverse Conservation District, and our whole immediate family. These four  groups were all of a single mind to make this deal happen. The group’s sole focus was to preserve  the woods into perpetuity, we all “stretched”, and working together towards the goal, we all made it  happen. You, as our neighbors, hopefully are as thankful as we are to have these wonderful community and environmentally concerned organizations close by and doing good things for us and  the planet. 

Longer Version 


In 1938 Carol’s Dad and 9 other hunters bought our existing 40 acres, each contributing $20 for a  total of $200 to buy the 40 acres as a hunting camp. Dad loved the woods, especially this 40,  obtaining sole ownership in the late 1980’s. It was his desire to preserve the 40 acres, just as it was  when they bought it in 1938. Steve Franke of Wright’s, fondly nicknamed Dad, The Ridge Runner.  Carol, her sister, Ellen, and her brother, Jim, all wanted to honor Dad’s wishes. They worked with the GTRLC because they so admired their commitment to the mantra, 

“Love the Land … Pass it on” 

Signing an easement with GTRLC is a written legal promise to preserve land into perpetuity. GTRLC  will make sure it will always be so. We very much enjoy working with GTRLC. We count on the  protection provided through the written agreement within the easement restrictions. The beauty of this easement means that the property will not be developed (with the exception that one house may  someday be built on the 80 acres). We have no plans to build, but the easement allows for one home  in the future years. Hey, it sure beats having 55 homes being built on the 80! We still own the  property and pay the taxes. But even after we die or sell, the rules remain steadfast … no  development, period! Annually, a staff member from GTRLC walks the property with us to ensure  that we, as well as neighbors are abiding with the written agreement. We look forward to these walks  with our GTRLC friends.  

Please also understand the easement does not provide for, nor guarantee, public and neighborhood  use of the property. It is our family’s choice to follow Dad’s lead of allowing others to enjoy the land  as long as it is a respectful enjoyment. Also realize that ownership of the property may change;  nothing will happen while we are living, however future owners will have control of the land and the  ability to limit the public and neighborhood access if they so choose.

We also want you to know that we are not financially wealthy people. We measure our wealth in our  family and friends. We were not able to make an acceptable $$ offer on our own, so a son matched  our offer. He told us, ”Dad and Mom, you need to do this because they’re not making beautiful ridges  above the Boardman River Valley anymore”.  

We approached Rotary Camps & Services and Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and they did everything to help us make it happen. 

We wanted to put an easement on the land for the betterment of the environment. They worked with us and collaboratively we made it happen.  

We will always be grateful for Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and Rotary Camps &  Services … along with ongoing encouragement from GT Conservation District. These three  environmental groups worked collaboratively and the 80 acres are preserved throughout perpetuity for the betterment of the environment. 

Our heartfelt thanks for their tireless efforts to preserve and care for the natural resources of our  region.  

Yay, for the environment and for the neighborhood! We hope you are as pleased and excited as we  are. 

In closing, we invite you to continue enjoying the beauty of the woods and trails, asking only, you quietly respect the land. 

Carol & Steve 

Carol & Steve Shuckra at the 2020 Jim 'Van' Workbee



Here is contact information for the organizations and people that made this transaction happen. We are sure they would welcome a note of thanks and appreciation. 

Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy – Glen Chown, Executive Director Our make it happen contact is – Chris Sullivan, Director of Land Protection, was the guy who guided  this entire process. With special appreciation to Mike Okma. We enjoy our annual easement  compliance monitoring visits, with Mike. He will now be spending more time assuring proper  compliance. 

Website Link - 

Rotary Camps & Services – Becky Ewing, Executive Director 

Our make it happen contacts are – Becky Ewing and the Boards of both Rotary Camps & Services  and Rotary Charities, along with Doug Meteyer, the realtor, whom so well, represented Rotary Camps  & Services 

Website Link - 

Grand Traverse Conservation District – Koffi Kpachavi, Executive Director 

Our make it happen contact is – Steve Largent