(Jayne Mohr,  a Rotary Club of Traverse City member for almost 19 years is also the Chair of our District 6290 Global Scholars. She sent this to be put in the bulletin about 3 weeks ago, so sorry for the delay in sharing, Kathy B.)
I just received this Jan. report from our Global Scholar, Flannery Johnson, and thought you’d enjoy her update from her work in Cologne, Germany.  I have copied her on the email.
It’s amazing what these talented young scholars are doing in our world today to espouse the ideas and values of Rotary!

Kathy & Kathy, will you please share in the District 6290 and local TC newsletters? Thank you.

Rotary regards,

Jayne Mohr
District 6290 Global Scholar Chair
Happy holidays! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the new year! I am lucky enough to have a sister living in Prague, Czech Republic and was able to go visit her during the winter break before all the borders closed again.  
Back in Cologne, the semester is wrapping up and with it our projects. This semester I  have been working on a drought analysis of the Yarmouk Basin, in Syria and Jordan, which is hopefully where my Master’s thesis will be based. I have been working in conjunction with an ecological and social risk assessment of the disasters in the area and am excited to continue my work in this area. It is a pivotal region and water management issues play a  major role in the cultural and political landscape.  
I have also been working on the Clean Tigris project with a team from Iraq focused on water quality and availability in the Euphrates and Tigris basins. We have been working with a team from the German and Iraqi governments doing research and building informational products for the website so that it can be used as an educational and outreach tool. They just did the first focus group with a combination of scientists,  activists, and citizens and it seems like it’s going to be a really useful tool in addressing water quality issues in the area. I’ve included the sites below!  
Elbarlament Organization 
Clean Tigris 
https://elbarlament.org/projects/clean-tigris/ https://cleantigris.com/  Hopefully, it will be possible to do community work and gather once again! I will have more updates on my project in the next letter. Thank you all so much for all you do and happy 2021!