Posted by Art Bukowski
Holy Homer Nye called the meeting to order.
Tom Petzold gave thoughts of gratitude and reflection. 
Greg Luyt led the music. 
Rick Vida introduced visiting Rotarians and guests. 
Awesome Allison Beers gave a Rotary Charities update - Charities was approached by Steven Lacy of Bellaire about making a gift to Rotary Charities in his father's name. Upon his passing, his father wished for the mineral rights he owned would be used to help people in our region. This is Rotary Charities' second unsolicited bequest gift, joining the $1 million bequest from Charles Fultz received last year.
Kurt Rivard told everyone to buy 50/50 Rotary Foundation tickets.
Max Anderson said we are more than halfway to our Rotary Show ad sales goal, and all sponsorships have been sold.  
I can't remember who won the 50/50 drawing. 
For the speaker, District Judge Bob Cooney introduced retired judge and prosecutor Linda Davis, of Families Against Narcotics. Linda gave a truly moving presentation about the dangers of opioid addiction. This issue impacted her personally when her daughter ended up addicted to heroin after first starting pain medication for routine knee surgery, a harrowing ordeal that spurred her to get involved in the fight against this major problem in our country. 
She expressed remorse for previously feeling that everyone with a drug problem that came before her during her time as a judge/prosecutor were simply people suffering from moral failures or people who made bad decisions. Addiction is a sickness, she said, not a crime, and therefore incarceration is not the answer. Without effective treatment, many of those with his disease end up dead. And many people who become addicted to opiates are good, decent people with no prior history of drug abuse. 
Families Against Narcotics is opening up a program in Traverse City. Contact Bob Cooney or Kathy Bussell for more information.
Hopes not Handcuffs  Grand Traverse Country Angel Training, Monday, March 16, 2020, 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm at the Traverse City Police Department,  contact Suzy CLine (231) 342-9969 
Rotarian Bob Cooney with the guest presenter (Ret.) Judge Linda Davis